CLASS INFOBossNBeauty COMBAT Short Wig Making ClassClass Date-Jan 10,2022Time 9am-5pmCost-$599Payment Plan Available 125 deposit NONREFUNDABLE Deposit Remaining balance due by Dec 20th(Invoice will be emailed) Location-Elandas Hair Gallery Class includes ~ Hair~ stretch wig cap~ T-pins~ bonding glue~ wrap stripes ~towels ~ BossnBeauty wrap lotion ~ prepackaged Lunch (for safety)____________________Students will need to bring1)Mannequin tripod (stand up only) table tripod stands are not allowed 2)Bald mannequin head3)Water bottle 4)Cutting shears 5)Face covering REQUIRED6)Measuring tape Dress Code Black and Camouflage

Short Wig Making Class($599) $125 Deposit